When you think of Cancún, you might first think of sprawling beaches, glittering nightclubs,
and chic shopping plazas. But the area’s acclaimed golf courses also boast a distinct
Cancún flavor. Case in point: The Moon Spa & Golf Club serves all-inclusive drinks and
snacks while you play the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. And at the Cancún Golf Club at
Pok-ta-Pok designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., ocean views abound and Mayan ruins mark
the vantage point of the third hole. In its trademark tourist-friendly style, all of Cancún’s courses
are open to the public, and some offer reduced rates after 2:00 p.m.
Tomas Castelazo; Tulum Monkey Sanctuary
Take a short trip away from the
dazzling city and experience
something close to time travel.
Along the beach near the
village of Barras de Piaxtla,
you’ll find Las Labradas, a
large collection of petroglyphs
that are said to be the oldest
pre-Hispanic artifacts in the
area. These large boulders
engraved with abstract images
are attributed to the Toltecs,
the ancient settlers of the
region. It is said that the
petroglyphs were created
during sacred ritual
ceremonies to communicate
with the gods. It’s an amazing
sight — worth capturing on
your 10-megapixel smartphone
as you travel back to modern-
day Mazatlán.
s breathtaking as El Arco is, sometimes a change of scenery is in order. Tour provider Baja Outback offers the perfect solution: a day-trip to
Santiago, a desert oasis crowned with a cascading waterfall. The seven-hour tour includes a hike through the striking Sierra de la Laguna
mountain range. With its unique microclimate, the region, which is designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, supports more than 900
plant species and countless varieties of birds and animals. After exploring the mountains, a dip in the natural spring at the base of the
waterfall serves as a balm for the feet and a refresher for the soul.
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