The tires of the small trolley squealed at each turn of the
narrow roadway as we snaked our way down a massive
200-foot-deep sinkhole within
Rio Camuy Cave Park
Dense vegetation draped the chasm’s steep sides, and
birdsong filled the humid air. I disembarked and walked
toward the entrance of the Cueva Clara (Clara Cave). The
opening resembled the mouth of a huge prehistoric beast
with large jagged stalactite teeth protruding from its upper
jaw. As I followed the guide along the narrow pathway, the air
became noticeably cooler, and the sounds of resident fruit
bats resonated throughout the massive cavern. This was not
what I expected from Puerto Rico.
A tour of Rio
Camuy Cave
Park, filled
with narrow
ignites the spirit
of adventure.
With an eclectic history, vibrant Latin culture,
and unmatched tropical landscape,
is ripe for exploration.
By Michael DeFreitas
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