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Honorable Mention
Victory Rich has devised an enticing incentive to keep her kids’ grades
up: If 16-year-old Maurice and 14-year-old Taylor stay on the honor roll
throughout the school year, they get to pick the destination for the fam-
ily’s next Interval exchange. This time, her son and daughter had their
sights set on the warm shores of the Bahamas. “What a great decision!”
Victory says. “We flew out during a snowstorm into sunny 78º weather.”
The family watched shark feedings, bodysurfed at the beach, and
danced alongside a junkanoo parade. They also spent a day shopping
in Nassau and returned to the resort by a ferry that dropped them off
right outside their unit’s patio. The teenagers are already looking ahead
to their next Interval exchange, Victory says. “They are junior travel
agents in the making — looking for resorts with the best amenities, five-
star ratings, and comfortable sleeping accommodations.”
Country-Hopping Honeymoon
Newlyweds Kirsten and Troy “TK” Thornante craved activity, adventure, and exciting destina-
tions for their dream honeymoon — all of which they found on their first Interval exchange to
Spain’s Costa del Sol. Every day, after enjoying majestic vistas with their morning coffee,
Kirsten and TK set off on another day-trip. They explored the Spanish cities of Ronda, known
for its deep, picturesque gorge and whitewashed buildings, and Granada, home to the stun-
ning Alhambra palace. The couple also ventured across borders, renting bicycles and
pedaling out of Spain into the British territory of Gibraltar, where they encountered the
island’s wild Barbary apes. Another passport stamp was earned with a ferry trip to Tangier,
Morocco. “I know that our go-go pace isn’t the way that everyone likes to travel,” Kirsten
says, “but we wouldn’t have changed a thing about our trip.”
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