Get your free Entertainment
app. Go to,
click on the Benefits tab, and
enjoy discounts on the run.
Let’s say you’re on vacation, getting
ready to go out for dinner. You pick up
you r sma r t phone and l ook f o r
restaurants in the area. Scrolling
through the list, you find one that
appeals to you, and, as an added
bonus, it has a special two-for-one
offer. Dinner and a discount! Such is
the beauty of the Entertainment
Depending on the offer, you’ll either
present your Interval membership card
with the Entertainment
logo, print a
coupon, or just show your mobile
device! You can create a favorites list
of the offers and merchants that
most appeal to you. And finding your
destination couldn’t be easier with the
interactive map. This is one app that
you must download.
Spring 2013
App for Discounts
on the Go
Interval has teamed up with Hertz to provide Interval Gold
Interval Platinum
members a great new benefit that gives members
newly enrolled in
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
up to two free weekend
rental days, plus a range of services that make the renting experience
a snap.*
Enroll for free
in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards at
Receive 500 bonus points
after your first qualifying rental
and 500 more
after your second.
That’s enough points for
two free weekend rental days
(a $110 average
But that’s not all.With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you also get these
fantastic perks:
:When your plane lands, you’ll receive an email or a text
message confirming the vehicle and the stall in which it’s located.
Counter Bypass
: Skip the counter, the lines, and the paperwork.
Hertz Gold Choice
:Take the car you reserved — or choose another.
: Drop off your car, fill in the Express Return slip, and you’re
done. Hertz will email your receipt to you.Voilà!
*Go to for complete terms and conditions.
Free Rental Days
and Much More With Hertz!
It’s free at If you’re not an Interval Gold
or Interval Platinummember, upgrade today.
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