Spring 2013
Lounge Wizard
Nobody likes spending long hours in an airport,
be it for flight delays or layovers. But as an
Interval Platinum member, you can do something
about it, thanks to your membership in the
program (a $99 value).
ou can access more than 600
airport VIP lounges in more than 300 cities in over
100 countries.* A host of amenities will make
waiting for a flight a pleasant experience rather
than a nuisance. Plug in your laptop and surf the
Web, or use one of the computer stations that
some of the lounges have. Take a warm shower
and refresh, then enjoy complimentary snacks and
beverages as you kick back in a
plush chair.** Now that’s how you
deal with a crowded airport!
*Per-person fee required with each lounge visit.
**Facilities vary by airport lounge.
Why Upgrade?
emberships offer a range of benefits that you can use while traveling
or at home, but only if you upgrade. Here’s what members are saying on Community at
“What we’ve saved just in
Guest Certificates this year
for our adult children was
more than what we paid for
the Platinum upgrade. Very
pleased to say the least.”
“This is my second year. The
savings on the Getaways
alone have been worth it.
I also like the free Guest
Certificates and companion
airfare. I am happy with the
VIP Concierge as well.”
“If you become a Platinum
member, the Guest Certificate is
free, and you get $50 off
Getaways. It pays to upgrade to
Platinum if you use this feature a
couple of times a year.”
“I use VIP Concierge a lot,
especially for trips to
Europe. I ask questions like,
‘Where is the nearest U.S.–
like large supermarket?’
They always give me
good information.”
— Icube1103
“The ShortStay Exchange
option is awesome! Throw in
the $25 discount on Getaways,
and VIP Concierge, and Interval
Gold is a deal.”
— lorianderson1962
“We traded our timeshare
resort and went on our first
cruise. It was like a dream. We
upgraded our room, but the
cruise department of Interval
International handled all of
our needs. It was seven days
of heaven. We want to go
again; it was a great way to
use our time.”
Hero/Corbis/Glow Images; David Kilpatrick/Alamy
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