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Spring 2013
Peer through clear
waters at more than 200
species of fish — way
more than you might see
on a snorkel trip, and you
won’t even get wet — at
the impressive Mazatlán
Aquarium. Intriguing
inhabitants of its 34
saltwater tanks include
lungfish, which breathe
air, and mudskippers,
which use their fins to
walk on land. The
aquarium’s jewel is its
422,000-gallon fishbowl
filled with oceanic
creatures, including
lemon sharks, yellowtail, and
stingrays. After you’ve soaked
up the aquatic life, visit the
aviary located in the botanical
garden, or settle under the
shade of the Huanacaxtle tree
for a bird show starring a
colorful cast of characters.
Mayan Marvels
Get your fill of ancient Mayan civilization without even setting foot outside the Hotel
Zone. Cancún’s new $15-million Museo Maya (Maya Museum), which opened in late
2012, is filled with 350,000 historical and cultural treasures procured over a 30-year
period, including 14,000-year-old bones discovered in the underwater caves of
Tulum. Highlights include
La Mujer de las Palmas
(The Woman of the Palms), remains
discovered in a cenote believed to date back 10,000 years to the Ice Age; works of
art, tools, and other daily-use artifacts; and carved bricks from the city of
Comalcalco. There are also fragments from the famed
Chichén Itzá on display. Historical draws extend next door
to San Miguelito, an archeological site recently opened
to the public that was last inhabited more than 800 years
ago, before the appearance of Spanish conquistadors.
Looking for a novel way to explore the depths of unspoiled Baja Sur?With Cabo
Adventures’ Outback & Camel Safari, you’ll trot caravan style along a pristine
private beach (pictured above), take a guided desert walking tour highlighting
native plants and animals, and traverse off-road terrain in an open-air Mercedes-
Benz Unimog. Keep your eyes peeled for the giant cacti, which are more than 300
years old, and can stretch higher than a four-story building.Top off your
expedition with a tequila tasting and a traditional Mexican meal of soft,
handmade tortillas, beans, and salsas.
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Not Your Average Outback
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