Spring 2013
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One of the most memorable vacation scenes in
Hollywood history has to be the lobster chase in
Annie Hall.
Woody Allen and Diane Keaton scramble, scream, and
giggle as they attempt to round up the live lobsters that have broken
loose in their beach cottage. The scene captures the essence of what
makes for a great vacation: new experiences and all the adventure,
surprise, and even silliness they bring. In the process, bonds are strength-
ened and memories are made.
The movie was released in 1977, coinciding with the early days of
the timeshare industry, when a minifridge and a microwave constituted
“kitchen amenities.” After all, the objective was to reduce food costs and
save time for more recreation — solved easily enough with cold cereal
and canned soup.
Hungry for Family Time
But times have changed. The current
passion for food-dedicated TV
channels, celebrity chefs, healthy eat-
ing, and fresh, local ingredients has
many pursuing cooking as a hobby
rather than a chore. Kitchens have
expanded and are often integrated
with living areas to enable interaction
with family and friends. With what’s
been termed “time famine,” families
are hungry for opportunities to con-
nect in a de-stressed atmosphere.And
what better opportunity for prepar-
ing a meal and breaking bread
together than a vacation?
Cooking enhances travel in other ways. Identifying local ingredients
and recipes informs our understanding of geography and climate.
Discovering regional favorites provides hints of history and culture. Even
shopping for ingredients —whether at a street stall or in a supermarket —
reveals a snapshot of the local denizens and their daily lives.
While a vacation may not be the best time to channel Julia Child, it
might be the perfect opportunity to test out some new flavors. And with
summer’s onset, outdoor markets, fresh vegetables, and alfresco dining
can inspire even the most utilitarian mix-and-serve chefs.
ACase for Eating In
meals in your
resort kitchen
is more than a
exercise. It’s an
experience in
local cuisine —
a vacation
pastime in its
own right.
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