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The summer months are perfect for
going to the beach — sort of like the rest of
the year in Hawaii. Daily high temperatures
from June through August average about 87°F.
It can cool down to the low 70s at night or
during a thunderstorm.
Interval Travel:
Rental Car:
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park,
nps.gov/havo; Hilo Farmers Market,
hilofarmersmarket.com; Hilo Hattie,
hilohattie.com; Huggo’s, huggos.com;
Jackie Rey’s, jackiereys.com; Harbor House,
harborhouserestaurantkona.com; World
Botanical Gardens & Waterfalls,
worldbotanicalgardens.com; Akatsuka Orchid
Gardens, akatsukaorchid.com; Mountain
Thunder Coffee Plantation,
mountainthunder.com; Jack’s Diving Locker,
jacksdivinglocker.com; Mauna Kea Summit
Adventures, maunakea.com
Visitor Information:
Big Island Visitors Bureau
Visions of America/SuperStock; Photo Resource Hawaii/Alamy
Big Deals On The Big Island
for a two-bedroom unit (PGS
Getaway prices are valid from June through August 2013.
earrings for Aunt Sandy and other
family members back home; stock up
on casual Friday aloha fashions — and
then send your travel companions to
the car with your bags while you sit
down for a relaxing massage.
9. Big and Bold: Mountain
Thunder Coffee Plantation
Just like sipping a glass of bubbly at an
outdoor cafe in Champagne, France, or
sinking into hot wings at a sports bar in
Buffalo, New York, savoring a cup of
java on the Kona Coast is an indelible
experience. This is certainly not your
average joe: Kona coffee is world famous
for its smooth, mellow taste, cultivated
in its unique microclimate. There are
numerous mills in the area, but the
Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation
is one of the state’s largest. A variety
of tours are offered, including a roast
master for a day private lesson, during
which you’ll roast about five pounds
of Kona coffee — and have a coveted
gift to take home.
10. Peak Performance: Akaka Falls
State Park
Waterfalls — fresh water cascading
over a rock ledge, plunging into what so
often seems to be some long-forgotten
mystical lagoon, all surrounded by
dense, green rain forest — are part of
Hawaii’s enchantment.
Akaka Falls
State Park
not only lives up to those
tropical expectations, it accesses them
all within an easy half-mile walk. First,
you’ll arrive at Kahuna Falls. It’s nice,
about 10 stories high, and definitely
worth a few pictures. Notice, though,
that the path keeps going, and so
should you, because just up ahead is
the 442-foot-tall Akaka Falls. And this
is one place where panoramic mode
on your digital camera will definitely
come in handy. Ready. Aim. Focus!
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