Steve Larese
Florida’s Emerald Coast is a jewel to discover
The sugarlike sand is so blindingly white, I reach for
my sunglasses, only to realize they’re right on my
nose. Silhouetted kids splash in the Gulf of Mexico’s
shimmering water. A turquoise sky cuts the open
horizon perfectly straight, broken only by a distant
sailboat. I roll my head toward my wife, Kat, who is
lying on her stomach beside me.
“This is going to ruin all other beaches for us,” I say.
“I’m OK with that,” she replies, not moving.
So am I.
Okaloosa Island is environmentally
sensitive, and important as a
nesting ground for sea turtles.
INSET: Destin’s HarborWalk Village,
a community hub for locals,
visitors, and mariners, is the
perfect spot for people-watching
and seafood dining.
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