Images; Mike Crane/Glow Images INTERVAL WORLD
Spring 2013
igh above Fitzsimmons Creek, the Peak 2 Peak
Gondola cabins look like Christmas ornaments —
even in early July. Supported by towers set nearly
2 miles apart, the cabins dangle from their cable
some 1,427 feet above the valley below.This is the
longest such unsupported span in the world, and while the 11-minute commute
between Whistler and Blackcomb ferries excited skiers back and forth during the
winter, summer visitors watch for black bears in the huckleberry patches below,
wishing the ride would never end. Which is sort of how those same travelers feel
about the warm-weather months in general, because unlike many ski resorts, where
summer translates into simply making the best of the off-season, summer in
Whistler has become
Sunny days unfurl here like fronds of the native sword fern, when upwards of
16 hours of light invite a diverse roster of both active and restful recreations. I like
to begin my first morning with a long walk or ride on the 25-mile Valley Trail, a
paved route that provides the opportunity to adjust to the altitude while my lungs
rejoice in the alpine air.
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