Spring 2013
Rustic countryside, pretty little fishing harbors, and
a sense of nature’s abundance make Normandy one
of the most satisfying areas in all of France. This old
Viking duchy, today divided into the administrative
regions of Upper and Lower Normandy, exudes
grandeur, and mighty castles, abbeys, and medieval
ruins serve as constant reminders of an illustrious
history. The River Seine, under majestic skies that
inspired the impressionists, twists and turns
toward a coastline of white cliffs, elegant prewar
resorts, busy ports, and immense sandy beaches,
scenes of unforgettable wartime events.
From high art and haute cuisine to
world-class sights and action-packed
history, the attractions of Normandy
are sure to win you over.
F1 ONLINE/SuperStock; Tina und Horst Herzig/LOOK-foto/Glow Images
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