Spring 2013
European Escapade
Instead of shelling out thousands for seven nights in a
European hotel, Gordon Dreyfus (pictured far right)
and friends jumped at the opportunity to explore
Austria and Germany for the low cost of an exchange
when they snagged resort accommodations in the
Austrian Alps. Piled into a rented van, the group
logged 1,300 miles on a weeklong jaunt to sites across the two countries. Highlights
included city adventures in Munich, Germany, and Salzburg,Austria; tours of Hohenschwangau and Hohensalzburg
castles; and panoramic views from Zugspitze, Germany’s highest point. “Several destinations required rural routes,”
Gordon says, “so we had ample opportunity to enjoy the colorful splendor of the countryside, much of which was
nestled between the majestic Alps.” They also made sure to indulge in local fare and libations, and fulfill their
traveling tradition of seizing a photo opportunity at yet another Hard Rock Cafe. Munich — check!
Mountains of Memories
Grandparents Maria and Jim Freis spent an exchange week at a Beaver Creek, Colorado, resort, which
was filled with the giggles of their 6- and 8-year-old grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s cousins. The
clan delighted in Colorado’s family-friendly attractions, marveling at gold rush artifacts at the National
Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, and exploring trout raceways, pools, and tanks at the Leadville
National Fish Hatchery. The Centennial State’s landscape was also a star attraction: The kids climbed
mountain trails, threw snowballs, and played soccer. But some of the family’s favorite memories centered
around their resort, the site of a three-day Monopoly marathon and home-cooked meals of pizza,
stromboli, and
, a Swiss potato dish. “Most of all,” said Maria, “we were very glad to be together.”
The more we
travel, the more
we find people
we have things
in common with!”
— Shari Laack
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