Cabo San Lucas, famous
for its party scene, sizzles
with summertime fiestas.
On July 16, the Festival
of the Virgin of Carmen
kicks off with a crafts
fair, action-packed
bullfighting, and lively
puppeteers. History
buffs might prefer the
revelry of the Festival of
St. James (held July 25),
during which riders on
white horses reenact
battles, and parties spill
from the cantinas into
the streets. For culture
vultures, August 15
marks the auspicious
Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with
savory Mexican cuisine, lively music, a parade of colorful
floats, and a procession of mothers toting babies. There’s
even a party to celebrate the sea, although you don’t need
to be a scuba lover to attend the Los Cabos Summer Dive
Fiesta. The multiday event (held various dates in August)
includes an underwater treasure hunt, beach parties, and
evening celebrations.
Jeremy Daniel/Richard Termine/Alan Hranitelj/Cirque du Soleil 2011; Blend Images/SuperStock
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Tell your friends about your upcoming trip to Las Vegas, and it won’t
take long for them to offer betting suggestions: Never split a winning
hand in blackjack, play the pass line and maximum odds at the craps
table, and so on. But here’s a sure bet that virtually guarantees you’ll get
your money’s worth: Go see a show, specifically one or two of the seven
resident Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil productions. But be forewarned —
you may get dizzy just deciding which spectacle to select.
” are the classics.
The Beatles Love
Criss Angel Believe
Cirque-style antics with the music and magic of renowned performers.
is edgy and daring, to say the least, while
(pictured at right) are acrobatically mesmerizing.
United States
Latin America
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