Jaak Nilson/Spaces Images/Corbis
Thanks to an up-to-this-point unending supply of underground
water that is constantly being warmed past the point of boiling by
subterranean geothermal activity, this natural water feature shoots
skyward about every 30 minutes. The reliable blasts — some reaching
as high as 100 feet in the air — have earned the geyser a very familiar
nickname, one that it shares with only two other spouts in the world.
Hone your wine-tasting skills — compare the complexity and
finish of a cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel — or simply enjoy
suggested pairings at local restaurants and vineyards.
Spas are prevalent in the area, too, so be sure to reserve
some time to rejuvenate with a massage or maybe a hot-
stone treatment. Or, exfoliate the skin and soothe achy joints at one
of the popular mud baths, where the natural hot springs and rich
volcanic ash combine to create a highly therapeutic — if a little
messy — experience.
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