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Interval International FAQs

Q. Why do the "Destination Units Available" change when I choose a different resort week to trade with?

  • The goal of our "comparable exchange" concept is to parallel the supply of and demand for both the week that you relinquish and the week that you request in exchange. So, the “Destination Units Available” that are displayed during your search for an exchange are resort weeks that are closest in demand and vacation experience to the one that you chose to relinquish.

    Also, we try to ensure that the quality of the resort you are confirmed to is comparable to the accommodations that you traded.

Q. When does Interval list the home weeks I own under "My Units"?

  • All resort units are listed at least one year prior to your check-in date.

    Some resorts, however, participate in the Early Deposit program. If you own a week at one of these properties, your units will be listed 18 months or two years in advance of your check-in.

Q. I own weeks that don't show up with my other available resort units. How do I add them to the list?

  • The weeks you see under "Your Resort Unit(s)" reflect the units currently eligible for you to exchange. Simply contact your designated Member-Services Center to add an additional week to your account.

    We'll verify your unit's number and size with your home resort and update your records.

    There is an administrative fee to add a week(s) to an existing membership. The administrative fee is waived, however, if you renew your membership for at least one year at the time you add your week(s).

Q. How do I verify that my online exchange confirmation has been completed?

  • You'll receive a confirmation number at the "Transaction Complete" page after you've selected a resort and the dates you want to travel, reviewed the resort information, and provided your payment details.

    Your home resort will then verify the week you relinquished, and we'll send your confirmation certificate to you via your choice of e-mail, or regular mail.

Q. How do I find out if a problem arises when Interval attempts to verify my week with my home resort?

  • We will notify you by postal mail.

Q. My time limit for requesting an exchange is about to expire, but I'm not ready to travel. What can I do?

  • You can extend your expiration date for six or 12 months by purchasing a deposit extension or by contacting your Member-Services Center.
    Your week will be treated as a Flex Deposit. Weeks initially relinquished as Flex Deposits or late-notice deposits maintain their original redemption method.

Q. What if after I extend my deposit I still need more time to travel?

  • You can extend a previously extended deposit for an additional six or 12 months by purchasing a deposit extension or by contacting your Member-Services Center.
    Your week will be treated as a Flex Deposit. Weeks initially relinquished as Flex Deposits or late-notice deposits maintain their original redemption method.

Q. How do I purchase a Guest Certificate online?

  • You´ll have the opportunity to purchase a Guest Certificate online at the time you make an exchange confirmation or place a request.

    You can also purchase a Guest Certificate online when you buy your Getaway.

    If your transaction was already completed, simply go to your Member Corner and click on “My Transactions” to view your exchange and Getaway history. You have the option to add, modify or delete a Guest Certificate for any current exchange or Getaway transaction by clicking the “ADD/MODIFY/DELETE” button.

Q. When I'm searching the Resort Directory I sometimes get a message that says additional information is unavailable. Why?

  • For various reasons, some resorts aren't fully featured in the Resort Directory. If a unit at one of these properties is available for exchange, however, you can view more information about it by clicking the "Book It" button on the "Destination Units Available" page. If you decide not to confirm that particular unit, you can go back to the other available exchange options.

Q. When does my membership expire?

  • Click on the "My Account" link to view the expiration date(s) of your basic and/or Interval Gold membership(s).

Q. How do I make an instant exchange confirmation online?

  • Simple instructions are provided to guide you through the entire process, but your first step will be to select a destination and a time period during which you'd be willing to travel.

    Then you'll need to deposit the unit you'd like to exchange.

    Based on the vacation parameters you've chosen and the week you've deposited, Interval's computers will search for exchange possibilities. A selection of resort weeks will display from which you can instantly confirm an exchange.

    You can cancel the transaction any time prior to selecting "Submit" on the payment information page.

    You'll receive a confirmation number after submitting your payment details.

Q. How do I "search" for an exchange?

  • It's easy, and you don't have to deposit a week before you start your search. On the vacation exchange page, just select where and when you'd like to travel and click continue.

    Select the previously deposited week or available week you'd like to use for your exchange.

    If you are using a week still available to you (not yet deposited), you may be asked to provide the check-in date and/or reservation number before you continue.

    Then you'll be shown a list of units available for exchange for your specified date and destination.

Q. How can I upgrade to a larger unit?

  • Unit-size upgrades are offered when making an instant exchange confirmation. Upgrade opportunities are based on availability and are not available for every exchange confirmation.

Q. What is an upgrade step?

  • Upgrade fees will be charged for each step, or unit size confirmed that is larger than the unit size deposited. For example, if you upgrade a one-bedroom unit to a two-bedroom unit, you will be charged for one upgrade step. If you upgrade a studio unit to a two-bedroom unit, you will be charged for two upgrade steps.

Q. What is the cost to upgrade my unit size?

  • The cost to upgrade your unit size is $99 per upgrade step. Interval Platinum members will pay a reduced rate of $59 per upgrade step, and Interval Gold members will pay a reduced rate of $79 per upgrade step. The Unit-Size Upgrade fee is in addition to your exchange fee.

    There is no upgrade fee for instant exchange confirmations made within the Flexchange window.

Q. How many steps can I upgrade my unit?

  • The number of steps you can upgrade your unit is based on the unit size of the week you deposited and exchange availability.

Q. Why can’t I see any larger units when I shop for my exchange?

  • The exchange program is based on the comparable value of the week you are depositing to the week you are looking to confirm. For example, if you deposit a unit that sleeps four, your trading power allows you to confirm a unit that sleeps four, regardless of the unit size. The opportunity to upgrade to a larger unit will appear from time to time, as it is based on availability. Additionally, only weeks owners are eligible for unit-size upgrades. Points owners will not be affected since the number of points they relinquish determines the unit size confirmed.

Q. I cancelled my exchange. Do I receive a refund for my Unit-Size Upgrade fee?

  • The refund of Unit-Size Upgrade Fees operates the same way as the refund of exchange fees does. If your cancellation is within 24 hours of your exchange confirmation, your Unit-Size Upgrade fee will be refunded. If a cancellation is made after 24 hours, no fees will be refunded.

Q. Can I upgrade a Getaway?

  • No, unit-size upgrades are not available for Getaways.

Q. Can I upgrade a ShortStay Exchange or Interval Options?

  • No, unit-size upgrades are not available for ShortStay Exchanges or Interval Options.

Q. Will I get a chance to upgrade my unit size if I placed a pending request?

  • At this time, unit-size upgrades are only available with an instant exchange confirmation. If you placed a pending request and a larger unit becomes available, you may be contacted by an advisor from our Vacation Assistance Department, who will offer you the unit and collect the Unit-Size Upgrade fee.

Q. Do I have to pay for a unit-size upgrade on an E-Plus retrade?

  • If your E-Plus retrade is being confirmed into a larger unit than your existing confirmation, then the E-Plus retrade is subject to the Unit-Size Upgrade fee.

    There is no upgrade fee for E-Plus retrades made within the Flexchange window.

Q. Why do I get a message that says my unit information cannot be found in Interval's records when I try to relinquish my week?

  • The unit information you submitted does not match Interval's file on your home resort.

    Please verify your information and try again.

    If you're still having problems, contact the customer service department at or 888-784-3447.

Q. I've tried to relinquish my week, but the system says my check-in date is invalid. What's wrong?

  • Interval's check-in calendar for your resort (based on week number and, in some cases, home resort unit number) does not match the date you provided.

    Please verify your information with your home resort and try again.

    If you're still having problems, contact the customer service department at or 888-784-3447.

Q. When can I deposit my week?

  • With Deposit First, you'll have the flexibility of a four-year travel window — you can exchange anytime from two years before to two years after the first day of your home resort week.

Q. What is a Flex Deposit?

  • Flexchange is a service Interval offers to members who want to request a vacation exchange on short notice — from 59 days to 24 hours before check-in. You can check Flexchange availabilities at or by calling 800-722-1747.

    Additionally, you can make a Flex Deposit if you need to deposit your week 59 to 14 days prior to the check-in date (no deposits are accepted less than 14 days before your week). You'll then use the Flexchange service to confirm an exchange.

Q. How are the Member Ratings created?

  • Member Ratings are compiled from the Evaluation forms members submit to Interval International after their stay at a given resort.

Q. Where can I get an Evaluation form?

  • Evaluation forms can be found on the back of your Resort Confirmation or online in the My History section of   

Q. How does Interval secure vacation weeks for Getaways? 

  • Interval has three sources of vacation-week inventory for Getaways. The first is resort space that we receive from our members that is in excess of members’ demands for exchange through the Interval International network. In our Terms and Conditions, this is sometimes referred to as “seasonal oversupplies.” After being in the business for more than 34 years, our inventory specialists are adept at predicting how much exchange demand there will be at each resort for a particular unit size, during a specific time period. When the resort space available for that area exceeds predictable demand, some of that excess will be made available as Getaways, but space also remains available for exchange. In addition, when a check-in date is less than 60 days away, that inventory is offered simultaneously for both exchanges and Getaways, to maximize the opportunity for it to be used by our consumers. 

    For highly demanded vacation time that Interval cannot secure from members’ deposits, Interval will arrange to obtain inventory directly from resort developers at an agreed-upon rental rate. Some of these weeks are at affiliated resorts and others are from non-affiliated properties in areas that are frequently requested by members. Since this space is rented from third parties by Interval, rather than relinquished by members, Interval offers it through the Getaway program, typically at attractive pricing. As a result, a particular resort or destination might be found as a Getaway, but not as an exchange opportunity.

    Finally, some Getaways represent inventory relinquished to our system by Interval Gold members toward a cruise, golf, or spa exchange through Interval Options®. In such instances, the actual space relinquished may be rented as a Getaway to offset the cost of the cruise or tour. 

    Interval is first and foremost an exchange provider for our members. As such, we ensure that resort time deposited for exchanges are prioritized for and provided to other exchanging members before any alternate use is permitted.

Q. Are Getaways refundable?

  • No, all Getaway confirmations are final and nonrefundable.

Q. How can I find a pet-friendly resort?

  • Discover pet-friendly resorts for you and your furry companion. Simply go to the Resort Directory tab on and click on Advanced Search. Scroll down to select "Pets Allowed" in the Amenities section and click on the Search button. For a video tutorial on how to access Interval's pet-friendly resorts, click here.