The Quality Vacation Exchange Network®

Interval International makes it easy for members to spend vacation time at a vast network of more than 2,900 resorts in over 80 nations. With the flexibility to choose how you vacation, and a wide variety of valuable benefits, Interval membership is the best thing that's ever happened to vacation ownership.

  • Vacation Exchange

    See more, and do more, beyond your home resort network and during different times of the year. Interval gives you many tools to help you make the exchange you want, when you want it!

  • The Value of Getaways

    Why book a cramped hotel room when you can stay in a spacious resort for less money? Since Getaways are priced so right, you can travel more often!

  • Visa Signature® card

    For a limited time only, receive a $100 statement credit if you make at least $500 in transaction(s) in the first 90 days. Learn More.

  • E-Plus

    With E-Plus, you can retrade up to three times for a low, one-time fee. Switch destinations, resorts, and/or travel dates — until 24 hours before check-in. Go ahead and put more change in your exchange.