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Interval International App FAQs

Q. What is the Interval International app?

  • The Interval International app is our free, user-friendly mobile app just for Interval International® members! With the new-and-improved Interval app, you can still search and save your favorite resorts, but now, you have the added convenience of searching and booking Getaways – plus the ability to watch Interval HD resort videos. The Interval app is available to iPhone®, iPad® and AndroidTM so it’s perfect for on-the-go vacation planning!

    Key Features
    • Search and book Getaways
    • Create Getaway Alerts
    • View our fantastic Top Ten Getaway Deals
    • Watch Interval HD videos on destinations and resorts around the world
    • Locate nearby resorts with your phone’s or tablet's GPS
    • Quickly search the entire Resort Directory
    • Read detailed resort descriptions
    • Share resort information with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter
    • View resort videos, photos, and amenities
    • Create and save a list of your favorites
    • Map resort location and surrounding area


Q. Where can I find the Interval International app?

  • Download the Interval app from your phone or iPad! Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store and search for the Interval International app.

Q. If I already have the Interval International app, how do I get the latest version?

  • You should automatically receive notification from the Apple App Store or Google Play store that an update for the Interval app is available. If you are not notified, you can still go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store to replace the old version.

Q. Is my login the same as my login ID on

  • Interval members use the same login they created for for their Interval International app login. As an added bonus, the Interval International app comes with a Save Login ID option that allows members to store their login ID for future use.

Q. Why am I having trouble logging in to the Interval International app?

  • You have not created a Web Profile – Before you can access the members-only features of the Interval app, you’ll need to create a Web Profile on

    All members are required to create a new Web Profile with a new login ID and Password. If you have not already created your new Web Profile, enter your old login ID or membership number and password, and then click Sign In. You will be prompted to create your new Web Profile with a new login ID and password.

Q. Can I still use the Interval International app if I'm not a member of Interval International?

  • Yes! Non-members can still download the Interval app to search and save their favorite resorts and watch Interval HD videos. However, the ability to book Getaways is exclusively for members.

Q. Is the Interval International app available outside of the U.S.?

  • Yes. The Interval International app is available to everyone around the globe.

Q. Can I make a vacation exchange with the Interval International app?

  • Currently, the Interval app only allows for the booking of Getaways. However, members can enjoy the ability and security of exchanging on our new mobile website.

Q. Can I renew my membership on the Interval International app?

  • Yes. Members can use the Interval International app to renew their Interval International, Interval Gold®, or Interval Platinum® membership.

Q. Can I share great resorts I find on the Interval International app with people who don’t have it?

  • Yes. The Interval International app is conveniently designed to allow users to share resort information and pictures with their friends and family through text message, email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Q. Who can I call for technical issues regarding the app?

  • For technical assistance with the Interval International app: 855.873.7340
    Outside the U.S.: 305.925.3104

    If you need to contact us for any other issues, please click here to email us.

Q. What are Getaway Alerts?

  • Getaway Alerts are instant notifications that you can receive on your device when your desired Getaway becomes available. Getaway Alerts are available for iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM;users. You can sign up to receive Getaway Alerts by downloading the free Interval International app

Q. I created a Getaway Alert. I can see inventory available, but I have not received a notification.

  • Once you create a Getaway Alert, you will only receive one notification on your device every 24 hours. If new inventory becomes available, you will receive an alert within the next 24 hours.

Q. I received a Getaway Alert, but inventory was not available when I responded.

  • If you received a Getaway Alert, but inventory was not available when you responded, this could be because someone booked the Getaway prior to you accessing the inventory. Inventory availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you receive an alert, please respond and book as quickly as possible to ensure confirmation.

Q. I received a Getaway Alert, but I can't tell what it's for.

  • If you have set up multiple alerts, please create unique names for each to help you distinguish between each alert. You can create up to 15 custom Getaway Alerts.

Q. Why am I receiving a Getaway Alert only once per day?

  • If you receive a notification and inventory is available but you elect to not book a Getaway, you will not receive another notification for that alert within 24 hours.

Q. I signed out of the Interval International app. Why am I still getting Getaway Alerts?

  • To stop receiving notifications, you will need to make the alert inactive or delete the alert. To delete an alert, go to the alerts list in Getaway Alerts, select Edit, and select the delete sign next to the Alert you would like to delete. To make an alert inactive, go to the alerts list in Getaway Alerts, select Edit, and view the alert details. Within the alert details, turn the toggle from active to inactive.

Q. I already confirmed a unit. Why am I still receiving Getaway Alerts?

  • Once you've confirmed a Getaway, you must delete or make an alert inactive to no longer receive notifications. Please refer to the question above for instructions on how to delete or make an alert inactive.

Q. Why are my lists not synchronized between devices? I don't see the same bell icons for the same alerts in different devices.

  • The bell icons are tied to a specific device. If you open an alerts list and tap the search button for an alert flagged with the bell icon, the system will clear the icon on that device. If you sign in to a different device and view the same list, the bell icon will be displayed on that device.

Q. Can you stop sending alerts between certain hours?

  • Getaway Alerts does not contain that functionality. However, on your device, under Settings you may have the ability to customize the notifications you receive and for notifications to be blocked during specified time periods. The Interval International app does not contain this functionality.