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Our site uses cookies to provide our visitors with a tailored user experience. The cookies we use will never store personal information such as your name, postal address, e-mail address, or credit card information on your computer. The addition of simple and persistent cookies significantly extends the capabilities of our website and provides features such as “Remember Me” and access to Community.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small unobtrusive files that may be used to store information on your computer.   This allows us to recognize your computer and helps our website understand certain information allowing us to customize the experience during your visit.  Session cookies and Persistent cookies are the two types of cookies used.

- Session cookies allow you to navigate through the website without having to re-enter pertinent session information.  These cookies are essential to Web site functionality and will be automatically deleted from your computer when you leave our Web site by closing your browser or navigating to another website.

- Persistent cookies are used to recognize you as a visitor and remember certain information about your preferences.  These cookies will be stored on your computer until they expire or are manually deleted.  Persistent cookies are considered non-essential to Web site functionality.

Cookies Used by Interval International

Essential Cookies
Cookies used for website functionality: 

These cookies are required as part of our website functionality for server load balancing and user session management. The website will not function properly without the use of these Ssession cookies, which are only active during the length of your visit to

Non-essential Cookies
While not required for our site to function, these persistent cookies allow us to enhance your online customer experience.

- Cookies used for user convenience:  loginID

We use a loginID cookie allowing you to select “Remember Me” on the home page so that your login ID is saved the next time you visit our site.

- Cookies used for website analytics:  s_vi, TLTSID, TLTUID

We use analytics software to carry out statistical analysis of page use, page interactions and paths through   This enables us to understand customer behavior and needs, improve customer service, and continuously enhance the online user experience. This information is not shared or sold to any third parties.

Website behavioral information may be used to provide visit relevant information via email; however, we will only send emails when customers have given us permission to do so through communication preferences in the ‘My Profile’ section of

We also use web beacons in select emails for additional analysis. This allows us to understand email activity on an aggregate level. This technology does not collect member specific information.

Partner and Third Party Cookies
To improve the user experience, we may affiliate with carefully selected service providers to enrich our website content or to provide additional services to our visitors.  When you navigate to these areas of the website you may be presented with cookies from these partners.  Below is a list of cookies that may be set by our business partners.  Interval International has no control or liability over these cookie sets, so you should review the partners’ privacy and cookie policies where applicable.

Interval Community
The Interval Community (“Community”) is a place for members to share travel tips, exchange vacation ideas and other topics related to vacation ownership. We use third party services to run the Community section of our site. The Community software uses cookies for seamless authentication from to the community area of the website as well as to carry out statistical analysis.

- PSyncHint is a Session cookie which is deployed by our vendor Mzinga for seamless registration by you on the Community site. Mzinga reads the cookie to determine if you are logged in. The cookie is required for you to login to the Community site.

- MZOS10100 is also a login Session cookie. The cookie name is created dynamically as "MZOS" + "realmid". This cookie is required to access the Community.

- MzSID - this Session cookie is dropped when a user accesses the profile section or their profile, or on a page where the "presence monitor (members currently online)" widget is implemented. This cookie is used to determine which members are online or have recently visited. (required for members online and profile functionality).

Online Advertising
We use an online advertising supplier for EU and UK members in the Offers and Extras section of our site. The purpose of these ads is to offer additional products and services to our members.  Our online advertising supplier uses persistent cookies for the purpose of collecting statistical data on ad clicks and most recent ad clicks for the purpose of re-targeting and behavioral targeting.

Managing Your Cookies

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Should you choose to block our cookies, some parts of the website may not be fully functional and in some cases will not be accessible.  For information on how to manage your browser cookie settings or how to delete cookies on your hard drive, visit or use your browser’s help section.

By using the Web site, you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies as set out in this policy. If you do not agree to such use, please either refrain from using the Web site, or see the section above on "Managing Your Cookies" to adjust your settings.

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